Reddit Social Skills 2 Feeling Blue How To Deal With Depression And Isolation

Reddit Social Skills (2) Feeling Blue? How To Deal With Depression And Isolation


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Well, considering the response to my last facebook post…

I thought I’d drop a video today on something more…


Something less heavy.

Like depression, for example.

Ahhh, depression.

Who knew there existed a pit of despair darker than ye?

Who knew ye would one day step in valiantly to lighten the mood & save the day?

Someone in Reddit Social Skills (r/socialskills) asked “is there a point in trying if you’ve lived in isolation?”

Expanded question:

“I’ve lived an isolated life so far. Was beaten down as a kid early on, so I withdrew into myself. My social skills have faded with that lost time, so I’m not sure if I can come back. I’ve had no friendships, meaningful relationships, or experiences. Did you ever go through similar experiences, and if so, how did you turn out?”

To answer his question:

I’ve gone through similar experiences, and I turned out pretty awesome, all things considered.


If you’ve ever here been lonely, if you’ve ever lived an isolated life, if you’ve ever withdrawn into yourself and found yourself unable to “come back…”

If you’ve ever struggled to create friendships, meaningful relationships or social experiences…

If you’ve ever wondered how to deal with depression or how to deal with isolation…

You may enjoy and benefit from this video.

Those of you who’ve been following me (or who have known me) for a while know that I’m no stranger to depression.

We’re amigos now, for the most part.

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